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Historic Shepherdstown? HISTORIC SHEPHERDSTOWN!!!

Historic Shepherdstown? HISTORIC SHEPHERDSTOWN!!! Shepherdstown is the oldest town in West Virginia. The first settlement was recorded in 1730. Thomas Shepherd obtained a land grant in 1734 and was soon followed by other settlers. The town was originally named Mecklenburg in 1762, but then later changed to Shepherdstown in honor of its founder. Although there …

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The Most Frightening Location I’ve Ever Investigated

So – one question I am very often asked on tours is ‘what is the most frightening place you’ve ever investigated?’  Now, I’ve investigated all over the country, including most of the paranormal investigator’s top ten bucket list locations including TALA, Moundsville, the death shoot in Old South, Pennhurst, all over Savannah….and the list goes …

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