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What to expect from a Shepherdstown Mystery Walk

What to expect from a Shepherdstown Mystery Walk

Hi – Janet here, from Shepherdstown Mysteries Walk. As a ghost tour guide and as someone who has been on TON ghost tours from Salem to Savannah, from Tennessee’s to Pennsylvania’s asylums, I can tell a good tour from a bad tour, and 90% of the quality depends on the guide.  A good ghost tour guide will tell you the history of the place, will know the details of the haunted tale (what happened there), and will be able to tell you what people say today- what kind of paranormal events or experiences occur or have occurred in that place.  And a REALLY GOOD ghost tour guide will share with you their personal experiences on the tour. And here at Shepherdstown Mysteries Walk, we have tons of personal experiences that we share with you.
Shepherdstown Mystery Walks/Mysteries Walk only has ghost tour guides who dress in period costume. I mean…its pure respect for the ghosts and for the history. We are talking about a specific period of time – we had better dress like them to ‘live that life!’. If you’re deciding which ghost tour to take, or reviewing a ghost tour for TripAdvisor, make sure you look deeply at the comments and reviews – look at how authentic the guides are. And remember, Shepherdstown Mysteries Walk has been a TripAdvisor Top Tour for the last 2 years running. Not for nothing.

History of the Region

The history of the haunted area…the back story, is the setting.  It’s crucial for getting the full effect on a Shepherdstown Mystery Walk tour.  Talking about our history puts the “ghost” in a rich setting.
The Tour Guide knows the details of the hauntings….
And is not afraid to ask if anyone has questions. You can easily spot a green or frightened tour guide…or one who knows only the script…if they do not ask if the tour group has questions. And they should ask quite often. Shepherdstown Mystery Walks tour guides ask after every stop, if anyone has questions. We welcome questions at Shepherdstown Mystery Walks. Its how we learn…and we love to share our knowledge of fantastic Shepherdstown, as well.
So…come out and join Shepherdstown Mystery Walks for a tour. You will see what hundreds of TripAdvisor fans say when they voted us a Traveler’s Choice Tour 2021 and 2022!

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