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The Most Frightening Location I’ve Ever Investigated

So – one question I am very often asked on tours is ‘what is the most frightening place you’ve ever investigated?’  Now, I’ve investigated all over the country, including most of the paranormal investigator’s top ten bucket list locations including TALA, Moundsville, the death shoot in Old South, Pennhurst, all over Savannah….and the list goes on.  But!  But, Season 3 of The R.I.P. Files, Episode 3 “A Gathering of Ghosts” supplied me with, by far, my most frightening investigation EVER.  From the moment I drove up to the site and got out of my car in the early afternoon, I knew I was being watched.  

I ‘saw’ a mustached gentleman watching me from the defunct, vacant hotel which was to be our shoot location for the nest 14 hours.  I use the term ‘gentleman’ quite lightly here…as he turned out to be anything but a gentleman.  Let’s start with the touching…it was non-stop and started just as soon as I walked into the location with the rest of the cast.  Now, I am touched, non-stop, on the tour nightly, but this was another level.  It was hands-on, constant, and very cold.

Every moment of the 12 hours we spent on location filming was filled with something almost sinister happening to me.  I am pretty brave and I can tell you that this location scared me silly.  I have unfinished business there; and oh that basement!  See the pic below?  Right after this shot, we caught a Class A EVP saying: “Get Janet”. 

 Pure evil lurks here!

then, I saw pairs of red eyes watching our scene being filmed on the basement ceiling of the location, travelling along the corners.  They moved; they were not rats.  Rabbits have red eye shine; there were certainly no rabbits moving on the ceiling of the basement at this location.     

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